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Offerta scaduta

Técnico/a de mantenimiento

domainMarriott's Village d'Ile France

place1 allée de l'Orme Rond 77700 Bailly Romainvilliers, Francia


Descrizione dell'offerta

The Technician is responsible for the daily maintenance of the Residence. He communicates with clients and colleagues to resolve maintenance issues. He visually inspect tools, equipment or machinery. He carries equipment (ex: tools, walkie-talkie). He maintains an inventory of maintenance parts and supplies as needed. He displays the basic knowledge or the ability to acquire knowledge in the following categories: refrigeration and air conditioning, electrical systems, mechanical, plumbing. He locates and performs basic repair on all types of equipment , plumbing (ex: deep toilet and unclog drains ) , electrical components , including lamps , extension cords , vacuum cleaners, Internet appliances, replace switches and sockets, and other needs in the villa if required. He is also responsible for vehicle functions provided by the company and the storage where the equipment is stored.


Laurea minima: Sin titulación
Esperienza: De 1 a 2 años
Categoria professionale: Empleado
residenza: Indiferente

Experience in hotel maintenance
Knowledge in electricity, plumber, mechanic, paint, carpenter, havc etc...

Ultima iscrizione: 28 giorni fa