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L'azienda non accetta più candidature per questa offerta.

Tourism Finance/Accountant Officer

domainEnjoy Rome

placeRoma, Roma, Italia


Descrizione dell'offerta

Enjoy Rome, leader tour operator within Italian market is looking for an experienced Tourism Office Accountant with excellent phone skills as well as a friendly, pleasant voice.

You will be speaking to customers, suppliers and other professionals. You may need to answer questions, address concerns or refer a caller to another company representative.

You should have good follow-up ability and be able to meet deadlines, as finance is a major part of business operations, so reliability is a key aspect. There are numerous simultaneous deadlines to contend with, which need to be managed efficiently, across various properties and groups.

In the end, not only will you communicate among people within and outside the company, you will also be responsible for relaying important information. Communication will take place face-to-face, over the phone, through letters and faxes and via email.


Laurea minima: Laurea Triennale
Esperienza: Da 3 a 5 anni
Categoria professionale: Impiegato
residenza: UE

Our candidates must possess a grounding in mathematics, with applicable experience in computers, financial software, spreadsheets and report preparation. Also have a more than basic understanding of business finance and be aware of general accounting procedures and principles.

Moreover, conduct complex research, prepares statistical reports and handles confidential requests for information. In general, the administrative assistant prepares correspondences, arranges conference calls and schedules meetings.

It is fundamental that the person in charge analyzes complex organizational and procedural guidelines.
Usually holds supervisory position over lower-end clerical staff, (this includes training, checking work production and conformance of clerical staff.

Other Skills required:
- Looking at documents and using calculator
- Keep track of every financial transaction that occurs in the company to ensure that all incoming and outgoing money is recorded and handled accurately.- Listening attentively is a skill the administrative assistant must acquire as he deals with issues that need to be solved on a daily basis.
- Listening attentively allows the assistant to solve the problem quickly the first time around.
- Able to use math to solve problems. - Observing, comparing and monitoring data that must be input into management reports.
- Abie to explain and at times adapt/adjust technical budget issues.

The person in charge need to have the knowledge of using personnel principles and office management practices.

Thank you for sending us your CV!
Good Luck!

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